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Rat Control in Richmond, VA

Rats are nuisance pests that can create a lot of damage wherever they go. Not to mention, rats are also known for spreading diseases and viruses to pets and people. If you find rats inside your home contact a pest control professional like Critter Authority. We can help you get rid of rats in your home in Hanover, Henrico, Short Pump, and surrounding areas in Virginia.

Why Remove Rats?

Rats reproduce fast, and a simple rat problem can turn into a rat infestation that can get hard to handle. Because of that it is important to have rats controlled. These rodents also carry bacteria, viruses, and diseases such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, and tularemia that can be transmitted to you and your family. For rat control contact Critter Authority.

How to Get Rid of Rats

Critter Authority offers rodent control and removal for rats in Hanover, Henrico, Short Pump, and surrounding areas in Virginia. For more information about our rat and rodent control services contact us today at 804-492-2804.

Signs of Rats

Rats can make their presence evident. Here are some signs that can help you notice these rodents in your property.

  • Scratching, scurrying or gnawing noises
  • Footprints, grease markings or rub marks
  • Seeing droppings
  • Seeing crumbs
  • Seeing the rats themselves

Rats in the Attic Removal

Rats tend to get into the attic through the attic vents or small openings or cracks on the roof. Once in the attic, rats tend to tear up the insulation to nest and also use it as their bathroom, spreading their bacteria, germs, diseases and viruses making you and your household members sick. For that reason it is important to remove rats from your home. Critter Authority can assess your home for rat control.

Attic Insulation and Attic Restoration

After rats have been removed it is recommended to remove and replace the insulation that has been affected by these rodents. The attic space will also need to be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. That will help to disinfect the area and get rid of all the bacteria from soiled insulation. Seal outs and exclusion repairs are also recommended to get done after rats have been removed. This will help to prevent and block the entry points from rodents to get back in your home.

Contact Critter Authority for Rodent Control

For rat control and removal contact Critter Authority. In addition to rat control Critter Authority offers a variety of services such as wildlife removal, attic insulation,  and exclusion repairs in Hanover, Henrico, Short Pump, and surrounding areas. For more information about our services give us a call to 804-492-2804 we will be happy to help you.

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