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What to Do if You Find a Skunk Den on Your Property

    Skunks are a very common critter in Richmond and the Richmond suburbs, often seen digging out dens underneath decks, porches and sheds, or around foundations. These critters are skilled diggers, and will either excavate their own den or take over abandoned dens from foxes or groundhogs. Skunks are natural scavengers that feed on insects, grubs, fallen fruit, bird seeds, leftover trash, and compost piles. If your home provides sufficient access to food and water, a skunk or skunk family may decide to settle down on your property. When skunks begin to nest on your property, they will often spray to mark their territory, leaving your yard with a skunk smell. If you discover skunks are living in your yard, what should you do?

    Leave it Alone!

    Most importantly, do NOT attempt to remove the skunk or skunk family yourself. Skunks are armed with a scent gland that can spray an extremely foul-smelling liquid. The scent of skunk spray is unbearable, and does NOT go away quickly. You might be stuck with the awful skunk scent for hours, and it can be even worse if it sprays your curious dog. In addition, skunks are armed with sharp claws and teeth that they can use when they feel threatened. Skunk bites and scratches can cause serious injuries, but they can also spread various diseases. Skunks are one of the most common carriers of the rabies virus, and they can also carry several other diseases they can spread to you and your pets, including leptospirosis, tularemia, and canine distemper. 

    If you discover a skunk den underneath your porch, deck, shed, or foundation, keep your distance and don’t let your dog go near it. Your next move should be calling a wildlife control operator to come safely remove the skunk or skunk family.

    Contact a Wildlife Removal Expert

    Skunks should only be handled by licensed wildlife removal experts. A well-trained wildlife control operator with years of experience removing skunks and other wild animals can safely and effectively trap and remove skunks without a spraying incident. Contacting a wildlife removal expert can spare you the hours of trying to remove the scent of skunk spray from you and your dog. If you aren’t experienced in wildlife removal, you could also accidentally get bit or scratched when trying to remove these critters. After your wildlife removal expert has successfully trapped and removed the family of skunks from your property, the next step is prevention.

    Habitat Modification and Exclusion

    Prevention is a key step of skunk removal so you don’t end up having to deal with another skunk den in the future. Habitat modification is very important when it comes to skunk prevention. Skunks are searching for food, water and shelter. Take a look around your property, identify where these needs are being met. If you have an unsealed trash can full of food scraps, this provides a buffet for scavenging skunks. If you have fruit trees or bird feeders in your yard, then these could be providing fruit or seeds for skunks in your yard. If you leave out bowls of pet food overnight, this is another food source. Sealing off trash cans, cleaning up fallen fruit or seeds and taking pet food inside can help deter skunks from your property. Skunks also need a source of water, so look and see if anything in your yard is collecting rainwater. Bird baths can also provide water to skunks. 

    Exclusions can also keep skunks out of your yard. Wire fencing and wildlife barriers can be installed around decks, porches, sheds, and foundations, buried a few inches in the ground so skunks can’t dig under them. Not only does this provide a barrier against skunks, but it can also keep out other wildlife like rodents, raccoons and snakes. 

    Best Skunk Trapping and Removal Near Me

    If you are in the Richmond, Henrico, or Hanover areas and you have a skunk den on your property, contact the wildlife removal experts at Critter Authority. Our team is highly skilled in wildlife removal, with years of experience dealing with skunks. We can safely and humanely remove a skunk from your property without a spraying incident. Our team can also provide you with skunk exclusions to keep these critters from returning to your property in the future. Contact us today to get started with a FREE estimate at (804) 492-2804!