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Critter Authority

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Wildlife Removal in Richmond, Henrico and Hanover, VA

Wildlife Removal, Crawl Space Repair, and Attic Insulation Company Serving Richmond, VA

Critter Authority is the Richmond, Virginia area’s premiere Wildlife Removal, Crawl Space Encapsulation and Repair, and Attic Insulation company.  We provide exceptional services and serve from Spotsylvania County, VA down past Richmond, VA.  

Don’t let wildlife like raccoons, squirrels, and rodents take over your home and ruin your attic space and attic insulation.  Call Critter Authority today for a free estimate to keep your home protected from these wildlife and pests before they cause major damage. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation Estimate in Richmond, VA

Crawl Spaces are the area directly beneath your home where often your HVAC ductwork, crawl space insulation, and water mitigation efforts like a sump pump, dehumidifier, vapor barrier and crawl space drainage system are located.  Over time, your crawl space, if not properly encapsulated, can develop moisture and water issues that can affect the health of your home and the people inside of it.

Critter Authority is Richmond’s local crawl space repair and encapsulation expert.  We know the ins and outs of crawl spaces so you don’t have to.  Encapsulating or repairing your crawl space doesn’t have to be a topic to avoid, we offer a free estimate so you know exactly what kind of water issues or items that need repaired in your crawl space.  You’ll know exactly what is going on by the end of our visit!

Animal in Attic Removal in Richmond, Glen Allen, and Spotsylvania, VA

Animals and Wildlife like to get into attic and crawl space to nest and provide shelter for themselves and their offspring.  Attic spaces are generally one of the warmer places in your home and provide the most cover and protection because of the abundance of attic insulation.   Wildlife will use this insulation for nesting and will create latrines for urinating and defecating.  This potential factor can cause expensive damage to your attic space and may require the replacement of attic insulation during the wildlife clean up process.

At Critter Authority, whenever we are dealing with a wildlife removal or pest issue, we recommend that our customers have a professional wildlife removal or pest control company in the Richmond area inspect their attic spaces regularly to avoid animal damage like this from getting out of hand.  Be mindful of irregular noises in your attic space like:

  • Scratching in attic 
  • Chirping in attic
  • Screeching in attic
  • Loud noises coming from the attic
 If you’re experiencing any of these issues, please fill out the contact form below to schedule a free attic wildlife inspection to get your attic space checked for wildlife activity or wildlife and pest damage.  

Free Estimate for Wildlife Removal