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Animals in the Crawl Space in Richmond VA

Noises under your home? You may have animals living in your crawl space. Noticing animals in your crawl space can be tough because we don’t spend much time there. If you suspect you have some sort of animal in the crawl space contact Critter Authority. Let us help you remove wildlife like raccoons or snakes; and pests like mice or rats from your crawl space in Hanover, Henrico or Short Pump, Virginia.

Why Remove Animals from the Crawl Space?

Having snakes, raccoons, or rodents in the crawl space can be dangerous. These animals tend to bring in food that can draw to other critters. Wildlife and rodents can also chew plastic, wood, and wires and other materials that can damage your property. Their feces and urine can also spread bacteria to your house and can cause you and your household members sickness.

How to Get Rid of Animals in the Crawl Space?

Wildlife or pests can get into your crawl space by small openings or cracks that walls may have. The first step to get rid of animals in your crawl space is to contact a professional wildlife removal or pest company like Critter Authority to assess your home and remove the animals. Once the animals have been moved, exclusion work will be needed to prevent animals from entering your crawl space.

Exclusions & Repairs in the Crawl Space

The best way to prevent animals in the crawl space is to block entry points they can use to get inside your home. Critter Authority offers exclusion repairs such as sealing holes, cracks or small openings that your crawl space may have. This is a crucial step that should get it done after removing the animals. For more information about our exclusion services contact Critter Authority today.

Insulation Restoration

If your crawl space has insulation it’s most likely that the insulation might be damaged by the animals. Raccoons, rats and mice tend to tear the insulation up and use it to nest. These animals will also soil the insulation spreading their bacteria, viruses and diseases. After removing the animals you might need to clean and sanitize the crawl space and following to remove and replace the insulation. This will help to maintain the structure of your home healthy for you and your family.

Contact Critter Authority for Animals in the Crawl Space in Richmond VA

In addition to animal removal in the crawl space, Critter Authority offers wildlife exclusion services as well as insulation restoration for the attic or crawl space. For more information about our services call us at 804-492-2804 we will be happy to help you. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate for your home in Hanover, Henrico or Short Pump, Virginia.

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