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Animals in the Attic in Richmond, VA

Animals can get into your attic a variety of different ways and cause problems that can impact you and the members of your household.

Signs of Animals in the Attic

Some signs of animals in the attic are hearing scratching, movement, chewing and other noises. You might be able to see their nest, tracks or droppings and even sometimes you will see them. One of the most obvious signs of an animal in the attic apart from seeing them is seeing the damage they cause. 

How do Animals Get Into the Attic

Animals can get into attics from the roof. Some will find openings that they can slip into or areas that they can chew at and tear away at the roof in order to get into the home. Alternatively an animal can get in through a vent or other opening in the home. It is important your home is sealed out properly and there are no openings to allow animals inside.

What Kind of Animals Get Into Attics

Mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, opossums and flying squirrels are some of the animals that you might find in your attic space, however squirrels and raccoons are the most commonly found animals in attics. For animal in the attic removal in Short Pump, VA and other parts of the Richmond area. Contact Critter Authority today to schedule a free estimate.

What Damage Can Animals in the Attic Cause?

If an animal is in your attic, they can chew and tear away at insulation. They will use the bathroom in the attic and ruin the insulation and spread a lot of bacteria. Animals in the attic can transmit viruses and diseases and can carry mites, lice and parasites like fleas and ticks. The animals in the attic will cause damage to insulation, boards and beams and even electrical wires.

How to Get Rid of Animals in the Attic

Critter Authority offers wildlife removal services in Hanover, Henrico, Short Pump and the surrounding Richmond areas. If an animal has gotten into your attic and is still there, you might need trapping services. After the animal or animals have been successfully caught, it is important to have the area disinfected, insulation that has been destroyed or soiled, removed and the entry point sealed-out. Critter Authority offers all of these services and we can get you scheduled for a free estimate for wildlife removal services today.

Schedule a Free Estimate for Animal in the Attic Removal

If you think you have animals in your attic, you will need to have a wildlife technician inspect the attic. At Critter Authority, one of our wildlife experts will be able to determine what animal is in your attic, how the animal got inside and what are the best methods for removal and seal-out. Additionally, the technician will check your insulation and other damage and can provide an estimate for repairs and insulation removal and replacement in addition to a disinfectant treatment. Contact Critter Authority today at 804-492-2804 to schedule a free estimate for animals in the attic in Hanover, Henrico and Short Pump, VA.

Free Estimate for Animal in the Attic Removal in Richmond, VA