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Wildlife Exclusions in Richmond VA

Wildlife Exclusions in Richmond VA

If you are having wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, birds, bats or rodents it is important to have them removed from your home or property. Once the wildlife has been removed successfully, it is crucial to exclude them to ensure they do not return in the future and cause more damage to your home. Critter Authority offers wildlife exclusion services in Hanover, Henrico and Short Pump, Virginia.

How to Remove Wildlife

To remove wildlife from your home it is recommended to contact a professional wildlife removal like Critter Authority. Wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, skunks or foxes can have unpredictable behavior and can attack if they feel threatened. That is why it is important to have a professional wildlife technician to conduct the trapping and removing process in your home. Critter Authority counts with qualified technicians that can assess you and your home when wildlife has taken place in your property.

How to Exclude Wildlife

After wildlife has been removed and relocated from your property it is important to have exclusion repairs done. Critter Authority offers exclusion repairs work like sealing out cracks, holes or openings in your home that will block entry points for wildlife. Having this step done is crucial to keep your home free from wildlife or pests. For more information about our wildlife exclusions servicesĀ  in Hanover, Henrico and Short Pump, Virginia. Contact Critter Authority today.

Attic Restoration in Richmond, VA

Attic restoration should come hand in hand with wildlife exclusion. Wildlife can cause a lot of damage in the insulation of your home. Wildlife and rodents tent to nest and soil the attic insulation spreading bacteria, viruses, and diseases to the members of the household. That is why after removing and excluding the animals it is important to remove and replace the attic insulation that has been damaged. For more information about our attic restoration services contact Critter Authority.

Contact Critter Authority for Wildlife Exclusion Services in Hanover, Henrico and Short Pump, VA

In addition to wildlife exclusion, Critter Authority offers various services. From wildlife removal to attic restoration, Critter Authority can get it done for you. Give us a call to 804-492-2804 and one of our technicians will be happy to help you. We are experts to remove and restore your home after wildlife has been intruded on your property. We provide services inĀ  Hanover, Henrico or Short Pump, in Virginia.

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